At VCC our vision has two distinct parts: Our vision for our local fellowship and our vision with regards to missions which is our response to the Great Commission.


We are a congregation that loves the Lord, reveres the Word, and enjoys rich fellowship. It is tempting to simply enjoy what we have. However, does God establish local churches, which the Bible calls the “body of Christ,” in order to maintain the status quo? On the contrary, God has plans for Vistoso Community Church! So what then does God have in mind for our congregation? Vision

Our Mission clearly states what we are to be doing—reaching the lost from a foundation of spiritual maturity. The Vision that follows paints a picture of what we can become as a church fellowship, if we wholeheartedly apply ourselves to our mission.

Reaching the Lost
Our field of labor is the Rancho Vistoso corridor, the nearby retirement community of SaddleBrooke, and other such communities in the area. We envision our presence becoming well known as a “spiritual landmark” throughout these communities.

Specifically: We continually challenge “empty nesters” to make the second half of their lives count! Our call is the clear, compelling reconciliation message of the Gospel followed by a call to repair damaged relationships and find meaning in spiritual pursuits.

We successfully challenge the conventional wisdom of focusing on attracting and evangelizing youth, by using the issues associated with aging as a means to establish a powerful outreach to those who are older—with the result that older men and women are brought into a saving relationship with Christ.

Each individual who identifies with our fellowship learns to personally share their faith, so that we will have the ongoing joy of welcoming lost souls and displaying a trail of salvation right within our own fellowship.

Maturing the Saved
When gathered together, whether in small group or church fellowship, the men and women of VCC are intent upon building a foundation in Jesus Christ, in praise and adoration of our great God, and in the encouragement that comes from fellowship with God’s people. Furthermore, the blessings of our gatherings never turn us from our mission of reaching the lost.


  • We are noted as a center of teaching excellence—making the truths of the Bible compelling. We are a stronghold for the orthodox truths.
  • We become a congregation that loves the Word and its application. Realizing it is “not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord.”
  • We yearn, not for past physical strength, but strive to come into our spiritual prime, and remain confident of the deeds of service that can yet be done by those dependent upon an all-powerful God.
  • New believers are discipled and mentored—becoming a source of spiritual wisdom.
  • Our music and praise is noted for its substance, joyous participation, and the way in which it exalts God.
  • It is evident to all who visit our fellowship that the power of God is at work and the joy of the Lord calls to every heart.
  • We pass the test of commitment to service by being used of God to minister to those in crisis and steadfastly standing by those undergoing the physical declines associated with aging.


Vistoso Community Church’s existing Vision Statement delineates a view of this church fellowship that emphasizes what God desires for it to become in the geographic area in which it is planted. Additionally, this document recognizes that God has plans for Vistoso Community Church in the area of missions, and develops our belief that those plans include having an impact to the “uttermost ends of the earth!” In the same way that we are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission in our own locale, the Vision that follows paints a picture of what we can accomplish as a church fellowship if we wholeheartedly apply ourselves to our church Mission in the field of missions—both home and foreign.

We will know that we have embraced the missions component of the Great Commission when:

  • The VCC Congregation, both individually and corporately, sees missions as a matter of personal responsibility and obedience; and sees missions as an inseparable part of our church’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.
  • Our church life becomes entwined with the lives of the missionaries we support in such a way that: they feel like family; we pray for them; we correspond with them; and we rejoice with them in the fruit of souls won and discipled.
  • The drama of current events occupies our thinking less than the things God is doing around the world, for our focus is to be found faithfully laboring when the trumpet sounds, and He calls us to Himself.

We will have fulfilled our Mission Vision when we support missionary enterprise as follows:

  • Through our long standing relationship with the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist Convention, for we value their focus, training, oversight and long-standing commitment to world missions.
  • By carefully applying the principles of stewardship and doctrinal fellowship to those areas of enterprise we choose to support.
  • By seeking to add support to areas of enterprise with which we can develop an ongoing relationship as a church. As such, we will learn to treat this as another part of our “walk of faith” in that we will look to the Lord’s will in choosing missions partners and to His grace in the supplying of the resources to meet their needs.
  • By investigating the establishment of a long-term relationship with Wycliffe Bible translators—seeing the Providence of God in our geographic proximity, our stated focus on becoming a center of Bible teaching excellence, and the way in which this local fellowship has close existing ministry ties.

It is our intent to provide the following kind support:

  • The staples of financial and prayer support.
  • The less common, but intrinsic strength of our congregation, in the supplying of ongoing personal encouragement through a variety of creative means.
  • On-site volunteer support as it relates to the local Wycliffe center and other local ministries.

As a congregation consisting principally of retired members who are seeking to finish well in our individual walks with the Lord, we have a special interest in seeking out those missionaries near the end of their careers. We envision God using us as an instrument to come alongside and help complete the work that they have been commissioned to do that we might both hear well done thy good and faithful servants!



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