Sermons by our VCC pastors are available in video form for those that were streamed, in audio form (all sermons), and in many series of booklets arranged by their scriptural source.
Gleanings from Isaiah - is the 2023 summer series. This prophetic message to the kingdom of Judah provides a wonderful illustration of many truths of which we, the church, need to be constantly reminded. For things like repentance from sin, appropriating God’s grace and walking by faith have always been part of God’s calling to His people. Video Series
The Prevailing Church: Our “2023 Theme for the Year”, the Prevailing Church, is identified by our Lord in Matthew 16:18, and is the kind of church that pushes back against the enclaves of spiritual darkness found everywhere in our fallen world. We desire to be that kind of church—and this series is an effort to describe what that entails and investigate the characteristics of the kind of church that Jesus is building. Video Series

The Book of Romans is the current VCC sermon series. Beginning in September of 2021, Pastor Kevin Redig's verse-by-verse discussion of Paul's letter to the church in Rome is expected to continue well into 2023. The Book of Romans presents "the clearest and most systematic presentation of Christian doctrine in all the Scriptures." (Swindoll)  Video Series

Abiding in Christ: This series addresses one of the most fundamental and marvelous cause and effect passages in God’s Word in terms of the focus of the Christian Life and the indirect means by which God intends to produce fruit in our lives, that which is of value to Him and blessing to us! “Abide in Me, and I in you.” John 15:4 Video Series  Publication Series

Reading Ahead: This narrative in two-booklets is extracted from Pastor Redig's 2021 summer sermon series on the topic of prophecy. The books provide twelve prophecy topics. Video Series  Publication Series

The Book of Hebrews was the source of an ongoing sermon series from 2019 through the spring of 2021.
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