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The Good News - Unto Eternal Life
This two-part series provides a clear explanation of why we need salvation, God’s plan to offer it to us by His grace, and our only path to obtaining that salvation—by believing in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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The Christian Life - Starting with the Basics
This ten-lesson series covers the foundational topics that every Christian needs to thoroughly understand and be ready to apply daily.

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The Christian Life--Advancing to Maturity
This series continues with more advanced lessons on how to live the Christian Life.

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Can You Articulate Your Theology of Salvation? And Is It Biblical?
This two-lesson series challenges you to think about how a person is saved and how a saved person is to live the Christian Life.

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Sharing the Gospel-- This video lesson is meant to help you be prepared to fulfill your role as an Ambassador for Christ. Learn how to use the “If You Were to Die Today” tract published by VCC.

Video Series
Sharing the Good News of the Gospel
This lesson demonstrates several ways to share your faith with the lost.

Video Series

Road Blocks to Gospel Hearing! This three-part series addresses how to respond to many of the most frequent objections we face when we attempt to share the Gospel with others.

Video Series
Friends of Israel - Bruce Scott, regional director for the Friends of Israel out of Phoenix, recently taught a three-lesson series entitled Love for Israel at Vistoso Church. These lessons are critical to understanding that we follow God's clear instructions in our support for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Tract: Truths I Must See and Believe In Order to Be Saved
Tract: Why Should I Let You Into Heaven? If God Should Ask, How Would You Answer This Question?
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