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Understanding the Present Time. In 2022 Pastor Redig preached a sermon that contained a snapshot of current times in the world in general, and America in particular, as they pertain to the Church. Because it is topical, Pastor Kevin indicated that he would likely update this book as time goes by.

Lessons from the Book of Acts - During the first half of 2016, Pastor Kevin Redig preached a series of sermons entitled The Church in Principle and Practice inspired by the first half of the Book of Acts.  These sermons have been published in four books.

Lessons from the Book of Ephesians - The sermons from Ephesians have been preached at two different times.  The Principles of the Christian Life and The Ministry of the Holy Spirit were topics from the sermon series in 2017.  The sermons on Spiritual Warfare were from the return to our study of Ephesians in 2018.

Lessons from the Book of Galatians - The sermons from Galatians covered two important topics: Two books on the importance of Guarding the Gospel from Chapters 1 and 2 and three books on Living the Christian Life from Chapters 3-6

Lessons from the Book of Hebrews. Beginning in the fall of 2019, Pastor Kevin Redig preached an ongoing series of sermons from the Book of Hebrews.

Lessons from the Book of John.  Currently there are three books on Abiding in Christ from our studies in the Book of John.  One book is from sermons preached in 2018 and two are from Pastor Redig’s 2022 summer series on Abiding.

Lessons on Prophecy - Things to Come and Why They Matter: An Introductory Study in Prophecy

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