Welcome to what might be your first exposure to Vistoso Community Church. I know what a challenge it can be to find a church home, and to that end I thank you for the opportunity of introducing ourselves to you. In the few words below, I hope I can show you the heartbeat of our local fellowship. Furthermore, I invite you to peruse our site, listen to some of the messages, read our publications, and thereby get a feel for the ministry. I trust that you will be drawn to us by what you see. Our Mission and Vision Statements are the heartbeat of this church, as they testify to the way in which we are attempting to follow after our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Mission succinctly states the two things that are most important to us. “The Mission of Vistoso Community Church is to be used by God to help the lost receive eternal life, and those with life grow in grace and knowledge.” Reaching the lost, and growing the saints--that’s our focus.

Furthermore, a few snippets from our Vision Statement should help you get a better feel for where we think God is leading us: we desire to be a “spiritual landmark” within our geographic setting because of our commitment to the Gospel; we especially desire to challenge those in their latter years to continue to employ their spiritual gifts thereby “saving up” for eternity; we desire to be a center of Bible-teaching excellence; we intend for our music to be noted for its substance and the way in which it honors God alone; and it is our expectation that our loving fellowship will be an unmistakable mark of the Spirit’s work among us.

In closing, I warmly invite you to come and join us in worship, fellowship, and the blessing of hearing God’s word proclaimed.  See if you aren’t drawn spiritually to join with us as we follow our Lord and Savior.  When you do visit, please introduce yourself to me—I look forward to your visit.

In His Grace,

Kevin A. Redig, Pastor

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