Published Bible Studies
Reading Ahead: This narrative in two-booklets is extracted from Pastor Redig's 2021 summer sermon series on the topic of prophecy. The books provide twelve prophecy topics.


The Christian Life-Starting with the Basics. Beginning with the closing of the church in March of 2020, Pastor Kevin began a streaming series of lessons on The Christian Life. The first series of eight lessons focused on the things that every Christian needs to know--the Basics.

Can You Articulate the Theology of Your Salvation? And is it Biblical?

An Introduction to Apologetics: Encouraged by What Is Ours (2006)

An Introduction to Apologetics II: The Biblical Antidote for the Poisonous Thinking of Our Times

Christian Foundations Phase 1:That We May Find God

Christian Foundations Phase 2: The Christian Way of Life in Time

After This Life, What Comes Next? Can You Know for Sure?

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength: Bible Study



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