Download the VCC APP

1.    Go to the App Store.  This is written for iPhone and iPad users.  If you use an Android-driven device, go to the equivalent location to download Apps.

2.    Search for mychurchApp (all one word—no spaces).  Be sure to type in the entire search as there is another App titled just mychurch.  If there is any question whether or not you have the right App, it is the one that describes itself as a “Bible and Journal App.”

3.    Download the App.  This will require your Apple or Android password.

4.    Search for Vistoso.  The first time you open the App, it will ask you to search for your church (or pastor).  Type in “Vistoso” and select “Vistoso Community Church.”  You will only have to do this the first time you use the App. 

Use the VCC APP

When you access the VCC App, you get a screen that looks like the one at right.  The various options take you to specific VCC App or web pages, as follows:

·         WEBSITE—The VCC web site home page.

·         SERMONS—A listing of audio files of recent sermons.  Click on any link to listen to or share the listed sermon.

·         PUBLICATIONS—The VCC web site listing of printed sermon documents.

·         FIND US—An option that provides a map showing the church location or allows you to use a search App to find directions to the Church.

·         CALENDAR—The web site listing of the current Church activity calendar plus the calendars for the past year.

·         SPECIAL EVENTS—The web site page displaying the latest activity flyer for the Church.


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