New Sermons

Spiritual Warfare Series: In 2018 Pastor Kevin Redig preached a series of sermons from the Book of Ephesians. The close of that Epistle provides several verses warning Christians to put on the full Armor of God in order to be prepared for the Spiritual Warfare here on earth. Several of these sermons have been printed in book form:

Book 1: This first book in the series provides insight into the enemy we face as citizens of heaven living in a world controlled by the Devil.

Book 2: The second book in the series begins the discussion of the Full Armor of God, providing insight into the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Gospel Footwear, and the Shield of Faith.

Book 3: The Third book in the Spiritual Warfare series completes the topic of the Armor of God with a discussion of the Helmet of Salvation and the Sword of the Spirit. In addition, this final book in the series includes two additional topics: Praying as Part of the Spiritual Battle, and an Epilogue that instructs us on how to put the wiles of the Devil in proper perspective by fixing our eyes upon the Lord.

Sanctification Sermon Series. In 2018, VCC's theme for the year was Sanctification--the process by which we, as Christians, respond to God's call to be more like Christ. Over the course of the year, Pastor Kevin Redig preached multiple sermons on this important topic to more fully describe the wonderfully comprehensive nature of the plan and provision of God for our sanctification.. These sermons have been gathered into a series of three booklets under the title: Putting Together the Pieces of Sanctification.

Book 1: These booklets on Sanctification are divided into Volumes that cover major Sanctification topics. This first book includes two volumes: Volume 1--The What and Why of Sanctification, and Volume 2--Sanctification Cause and Effect.

Book 2: This second book in our sanctification series covers Volume 3--The Positionally Sanctified are Secure, and Volume 4-- The Means of Sanctification.

Published Sermons

Abiding in Christ: Challenging Our Thinking as New Testament Christians
The command of Jesus to His disciples in John 15 to "Abide in Me," is a foundation from which we tie together much New Testament truth.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
These messages preached during January of 2017 help us understand and apply Ephesians 1:19: "...that you may know...what is the exceeding great power toward us who believe..."

Messages based upon the VCC theme for 2016

What is God?  He is Is Trustworthy!
Based upon Psalms 57 and 91, this booklet is one of the sermons from a series preached on the Psalms.

The Fear of the Lord.
Is it important? What is it? How do we develop it?

Our God Stands Alone.
It is comforting for the committed Christian to know that, even in today's increasingly indifferent world, our God stands alone and is worthy of our trust and worship.

The One Thing.
There is something that must stand behind both your ministry and your walk.

Studies from the Book of Acts:  During the first half of 2016, Pastor Kevin Redig preached a series of sermons entitled The Church in Principle and Practice inspired by the first half of the Book of Acts.  Four of those sermons have been put into booklet form:

Volume 1:  Is the Message Still Relevant?
This message, preached in January of 2016, provides a clear explanation of the reasons that the Word of God IS still relevant in our day and age. It also outlines the pitfalls of trying to contextualize the Gospel for today's audiences.

Volume 2: Who Can Come? How Do We Come
Based upon conversion experiences in the Book of Acts, this booklet discusses in depth the Biblical proof that all God asks in order for us to be saved is belief in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Volume 3: Grace, salvation, and faith are all evident as God took the first step in revealing to us the principles by which His Church is to be His body with a singular mission to make disciples.

Volume 4: In this final booklet, taken from Acts 15, the discussion focuses on the ongoing need to maintain a pure Gospel message.

Studies from the Book of Ephesians. The sermon series for the beginning of 2017 was from the Book of Ephesians. With this study, Pastor Kevin used the Book of Ephesians to explain the practical aspects of living the Christian life—how the pieces fit together. His goals was to communicate the perfection of God’s plan and provision for the Christian Life. In these books, he divides the material into four life principles plus some concluding amplification and explanation.

Book 1: Contains the introduction to the series plus the first two life principles.
Book 2: Contains the final two life principles plus the concluding summary discussions.

Sermons on Prophecy

Things to Come and Why They Matter: An Introductory Study in Prophecy



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