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Our God Stands Alone. It is comforting for the committed Christian to know that, even in today's increasingly indifferent world, our God stands alone and is worthy of our trust and worship.

Rejoice. The messages in this book are based upon the VCC theme for 2016: Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. (Luke 10:20)

Sanctification Sermon Series. Encompassing six volumes, these three books more fully describe the wonderfully comprehensive nature of the plan and provision of God for our sanctification under the title, Putting Together the Pieces of Sanctification:

Book 1: Volume 1--The What and Why of Sanctification, and Volume 2--Sanctification Cause and Effect.

Book 2: Volume 3--The Positionally Sanctified Are Secure, and Volume 4-- The Means of Sanctification.

Book 3: Volume 5--Rightly Dividing the Word of His Grace, and Volume 6--God Undergirds Our Sanctification.

The Fear of the Lord. Is it important? What is it? How do we develop it?

The One Thing. There is something that must stand behind both your ministry and your walk.

What is God? He is Is Trustworthy! Based upon Psalms 57 and 91, this book contains sermon messages from a series preached on the Psalms.

When the Shaking is Close to Home. This book is based upon Psalm 11:3: If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? It covers the promises of God that Christians have to count on when their personal foundations are shaken.



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