Published Sermons - Lessons from the Book of Galatians

Our studies from the Book of Galatians produced two series of books:

Guarding the Gospel. This explanation of the importance of guarding the message of the Gospel and not adding anything to it or taking anything away, was produced in two books. The messages were divided into three parts, called Volumes:

Book 1: This book contains Volume 1 and the beginning of Volume 2, both based on Galatians 1.

Book 2: This covers the rest of Volume 2 and Volume three, which is based upon our study of Galatians 2.

The Christian Life. Our sermon series from Chapters 3-6 focused on the need for supernatural enablement in order to live the Christian Life. These sermons were consolidated into a three-book series published in early 2020:

Book 1: The Christian Life—Under Law or Under Grace?

Book 2: The Christian Life—The Flesh Versus the Spirit

Book 3: The Christian Life—Walk by the Spirit


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