Published Sermons - Lessons from the Book of Ephesians

Four Principles of the Christian Way of Life
The discussion of putting the pieces together so that the life of Christ is manifest among the people of God is covered in two books:

Book 1: Contains the introduction to the series plus the first two life principles.

Book 2: Contains the final two life principles plus the concluding summary discussions.

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
These messages help us understand and apply Ephesians 1:19: "...that you may know...what is the exceeding great power toward us who believe..."

Spiritual Warfare
The discussion of the last 15 verses of the Book of Ephesians—putting on the full armor of God--is covered in three books:

Book 1: Provides some background including reviewing our blessing and our walk with the Lord and vital information we must understand about our adversary in the Spiritual Battle.

Book 2: Covers the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the Gospel footwear, and the shield of faith.

Book 3: Discusses the helmet of salvation and then provides three additional topics: Prayer as Part of our Spiritual Battle, a discussion of the final verses of the chapter, and an Epilogue that contains a caution for all believers to remember that our Lord has overcome the world.


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