Published Sermons - Lessons from the Book of Acts

Books in the sermon series entitled The Church in Principle and Practice:

Book 1: Is the Message Still Relevant? This book provides a clear explanation of the reasons that the Word of God IS still relevant in our day and age. It also outlines the pitfalls of trying to contextualize the Gospel for today's audiences.

Book 2: Who Can Come? How Do We Come? Based upon conversion experiences in the Book of Acts, this booklet discusses in depth the Biblical proof that all God asks in order for us to be saved is belief in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Book 3: Can You See Grace? Grace, salvation, and faith are all evident as God took the first step in revealing to us the principles by which His Church is to be His body with a singular mission to make disciples.

Book 4: Guarding the Gospel. In this final book in the series, taken from Acts 15, the discussion focuses on the ongoing need to maintain a pure Gospel message.



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